Athletic Goals & Involvement
Personal Goal Setting: As we graduate from educational institutes our exposure to athletic competitions decreases unless you are training for national competitions, which is not the majority of us. I find value in setting personal athletic goals keep me on track and help me work towards a goal ultimately helping to motivate me to constantly improve myself physically as well as mentally. Athletics has always been a part of my life whether I was on a team, on the side lines as an athletic therapist or as a coach. Being an athlete has taught me perseverance, dedication and resilience and I find that having competitions to train towards keeps us on track and gives us a goal to work towards.
 University of Waterloo: It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to participate varsity athletics in any shape or form. During my undergraduate degree at the University of Waterloo I volunteer my time as a student athletic therapist for the men’s varsity soccer team, which involved me attending all the practices and home games as well as travelling with the team on away games. This builds a special bond between the athletic therapist and athletes as they trust you with their injuries and pre-treatment before games to physically as well as mentally prepare them.
University of Ontario Institute of Technology: With a passion for athletics already running through my blood, after my acceptance letter, I looked for ways to be involved in the varsity sports at UOIT during my Bachelor of Education program. After trying out I was the only female of the UOIT Varsity Golf team for the 2017/2018 season, having only taking up Golf 6 years ago this was a huge accomplishment for me.